Managed Application Security for Agile and DevOps teams!

By Securify B.V. - Amsterdam. More info soon.

Introducing your new team member.

Hi, I continuously review and test the code you create to make sure you can ship secure products, fast! It is my passion to hunt down security bugs, to prevent them, and to make development teams security smarter. It is my mission to keep your data and your users safe. Your clients will love me.

~ Your team's new Security Champion.

Ship great and secure software, fast.

You focus on building awesome apps, while we ensure you ship secure code. And along the way we boost your team's security awareness by sharing knowledge, demonstrating our hacks and discussing flawed code, risky constructions or bad practices with your team when needed. All fully integrated in your Agile work-flow and favorite tools!

Welcome to the future of application security.